Schoolbags for Bosnia

Investing in their future

We support OM Bosnia-Herzegovina by supplying them with vital resources for their ministry.

Each summer, we provide over 300 disadvantaged children in Muslim villages with schoolbags and essential supplies to get them ready for the start of term. This project is now in its tenth year.

Many families in Bosnia-Herzegovina struggle with the cost of giving their children an education. They often cannot afford to buy the basics of workbooks, pens, pencils and rulers. Schools in poor villages also tend to lack basic equipment and teaching supplies. Some of the children have to walk long distances and need durable backpacks; our OM teams have found that used schoolbags from other countries are much stronger than new backpacks sold locally.

The funds for materials and cost of collection and delivery are donated from all around the world. The used schoolbags are donated by individuals, churches and companies in Switzerland and Austria.

The gift of essential supplies not only communicates that we want to invest in the children’s education, but it also opens the door to bringing the true gift of the Gospel. The directors of the schools have given OM Bosnia permission to enclose Christian literature for the parents, including the Gospel of John. Over the years, thousands of children have received well-stocked schoolbags that also contained Gospel tracts. It is our prayer that the parents will read about Jesus and share the good news with their children.

For most families, this is the first contact they have with the local believers and the church. It is a first step to share about the love of God with them.

How you can help

It costs €28 ($36US) to provide one child with a schoolbag, including the cost of collection and delivery, and purchasing materials to fill each backpack.

To give a financial gift towards the Schoolbags for Bosnia project, please contact your local OM office or donate online. Please mark the gift for OM EAST – Schoolbags.

To donate new or good-quality used schoolbags, call 0043 (0)2266 80867.

Thank you to all of you who help make a difference in these families’ lives.

schoolbags project

schoolbags project

schoolbags project

schoolbags project

schoolbags project