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We translate hope

Did you know that there is a people group who have no word for “hope” in their language? It doesn’t exist! Their language reflects the reality of their daily lives and future prospects. So many people in Eurasia are burdened by hopelessness. God has called us to share the good news of hope and new life through faith in Jesus Christ.

OM EAST’s media ministry brings this message to forgotten and unreached peoples through different mediums of printed literature, online books and DVDs.

There are still many people groups who have not heard the gospel and have few or no Christian books in their native language. OM EAST supports the work of OM teams and other Christian organisations already working in areas of Eurasia. We focus on supporting ministries that do not have resources for media production.

With our partners, we identify the needs of those they are working with and select appropriate books and resources for translation. Our publications include Bible studies, Bible stories and biographies as well as addressing aspects of Christian faith and the Biblical view on specific issues. We produce educational materials on literacy, numeracy, life skills, family issues and social problems.

With support from churches and individuals around the world, OM EAST produces Christian and educational literature and multimedia which can be bought at an affordable price or given free of charge. It’s amazing to see how God is using these publications to connect with people, speaking into their situation and transforming their lives.

Print Media

There’s something satisfying about holding a good book in your hands. Imagine then the excitement of receiving a book, perhaps the first you ever owned, which is one of the few books in your language. A book that you know has been made for you.

With a team of qualified graphic designers using professional software, OM EAST is committed to producing high quality literature. Our artists illustrate books and comics; expressing stories and ideas through powerful images helps people to understand and engage with the content. An appealing cover and design not only increases people’s desire to read the life changing message within, it also communicates that the book is special and that the recipients are valued, loved and not forgotten.

The layout, graphic design, drawing and checking of books takes place at our office in Austria. Once complete, copies are mainly printed in the destination country and distributed by our partners. Some books are even being used in schools to teach literacy. Each year OM EAST produces thousands of books in over 25 languages. Last year, we produced 64 books, printing over 102,000 copies.

Digital Media

We have recently launched an eBooks website where eBooks in different languages can be downloaded to computers and mobile devices. For those with smart phones, tablets and eReaders, it means they can access books even quicker and while on the move.

Together with our partners, OM EAST produces new versions of existing Christian movies by adding the translation. Illustrations from our comics are used by our partners to create multimedia children’s cartoons with narration in different languages.

Being able to see and hear Bible stories and testimonies is a powerful and effective way of helping thousands of people to understand the gospel message, including those who struggle to read.

Digital media is a growing aspect of our work of which brings hope to more people through a variety of channels.

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