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Bringing hope and dignity

Every woman working in prostitution has a story of how she ended up there -- how she ended up becoming despised and forgotten. Her story is often one of poverty and deception.

Many women and girls in Eastern Europe have no other alternatives of earning money to survive. Others are tricked by fake advertising agencies promising jobs in the West. Some are ensnared by ‘loverboys’, traffickers who deceive girls by pretending to be their boyfriend and instead lure them away from their families and force them into prostitution.

Their lives become an existence of abuse, threat, control and fear. Their hopes and dreams of a better future disappear. Their sense of identity and value quickly fades.

The Facts

  • It is estimated that half a million girls and women from Central and Eastern Europe now serve as prostitutes in European Union nations.i
  • The EU’s open borders make it easy for traffickers to move girls around. Although it may cost traffickers a thousand euros to transport girls to their destination cities, they force their victims to pay back much higher debts.ii
  • After drug trafficking, human trafficking ties with the illegal arms industry as the second largest criminal industry in the world today. Human trafficking is the fastest growing.iii

OM EAST works with other agencies to bring hope and dignity to people trapped in prostitution. We focus on helping women primarily from Central and Eastern Europe.

As part of a network, we respond through outreaches, prevention work, raising awareness and by being a voice for those who cannot speak up for themselves.


Booklets and tracts

OM EAST’s literature and media team create resources to support ministries that reach out to women working in prostitution.

Booklets and tracts bringing a message of hope to women working in prostitution can be found on the EAST eBook site: Booklets and tracts 

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Awareness videos

The following videos share our desire to bring hope and dignity to women trapped in prostitution.


27 Million

Governments estimate there are 27 million slaves being held worldwide—more than at any point in human history.iv


Nefarious: Merchant of Souls

The message of the documentary 'Nefarious: Merchant of Souls' is close to our hearts, as it shares our aim of being a voice for forgotten people and speaking out against modern sex slavery. It shares our desire to see people freed from exploitation and find new hope and restoration in Christ.

The short trailer shows the reality endured by many women in Eastern Europe. The film is an amazing testimony of what God can do in a broken life. For more information:


Freedom Climb 2015

The Freedom Climb, a project of Operation Mobilisation, brings hope and transforms the lives of women and children who are being exploited, enslaved and trafficked.

The Freedom climb raises awareness and funds to support OM projects, like ours, around the world focused on these issues.


What you can do to help


Please pray for God to intervene, not just in Eastern Europe but across the world. The latest Freedom Climb prayer diary shares current prayer requests to guide you in your prayers.
Freedom Climb prayer calendar available here

Raise awareness

The Freedom Climb team suggests ideas of how you can raise awareness and be a voice right where you are.
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Our ministry to bring hope and dignity to people trapped in prostitution is made possible through donations from individuals and churches.
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Use your skills in graphic design, layout, proofreading, or bookkeeping to play a part in helping to support this ministry.
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i Meroff, D. (2014) SOS: Save our Sisters. Authentic Media: Secunderabad 500 067, India, pp69.
ii Meroff, D. (2011) Europe: Restoring Hope. VTR Publications: Nürnberg, Germany, pp17.
iii U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2011.
iii U.S. State Department, March 2012

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