Where We Work

Our work of supporting partners in Eurasia extends from Slovakia to Central Asia and from Siberia to Albania. The OM EAST team is located in Austria, near Vienna.

eurasia map

Together with our partners, we bring hope to forgotten peoples including the following people groups:

Arli woman
Arli Roma (Balkan)
Bayash man
Bayash Roma (Balkan)
Crimean Tatar lady
Crimean Tatars (Crimea)

Nenet child
Nenets (Siberia)
Koryak kid
Koryak (Siberia)
Khanty sleigh
Khanty (Siberia)
Yakut sleigh
Yakuts (Russia)



Bayash Ministry in Croatia



My First Bible reaches the “End of the World”
Visiting the Nenets in Siberia